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Home Made Chocolate Cake.

"A little taste of chocolate heaven"





"Beautiful local Brie, one of the many products made from our Dairy Farm"




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We’re always looking at new flavour ideas. Here is our current range of delicious dairy ice cream



Our own dairy ice cream has no added flavours! Our high quality ingredients are added to this rich and creamy ice cream to give you the following choices! 



Creamy flavour – yummy on its own or wonderful with most deserts (particularly our warm apple pie!)



Made with real strawberries for this classic.



Made with real raspberries.


Peach & Mango

Yes, you have guessed it -  made with  real peach and mango’s


Apple Pie          

You just have to try this one – it really does taste of apple pie!


Mint Choc Chip

Scrummy mint & real dark chocolate chips

A family favorite 



Smooth and chocolaty for all you chocolate connoisseurs.


Chocolate & Orange

Our smooth chocolate with a delicious twist of orange flavour


Rum & Raisin

Rum ice cream with shredded raisins for a traditional classic



Our delicious Natural ice cream with lots of golden honeycomb chunks scattered throughout.



A smooth creamy and totally moreish toffee ice cream


Toffee & Banana

Our smooth toffee ice cream with banana flavouring – a true banoffee heaven.




Irish Cream

Smooth dairy ice cream laced with coffee and whiskey for a heavenly experience


Orange & Cointreau

Wonderful for a special occasion – ask for a taste next time you visit us!


Brown Bread

An old traditional recipe, delicately flavoured with brandy and yes it does have brown bread in!